December 6, 2022

10 Best And Fun Things To Do In London

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Shoreditch, SEA LIFE London aquarium, emirate airline cable car, kidzania  London, buckingham palace, London transport museum, Madame tussauds,  Hampstead health, Hyde park and the London eye are some of the not-to miss amazing places to explore in London, Just to mention but a few are the 10 best and fun things to do in London

1. London Transport Museum  

If you’re a design lover, you will be amazed to see the design for travel  gallery that features pioneering advertising posters and art works, you also  get to explore Harry Beck’s original design for His ground breaking London  underground map and chart the development of the world’s famous rounded  transport logo. The London transport museum also showcases transport  icons like the red London bus and the first ever tube map design. 


2. Emirate Airline Cable Car  

This gives you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the beautiful view of the  thames, London’s skyline, the Greenwich peninsula and the royal docks and  the 02 arena. It also gives you and amazing view of sunset over the river  and watch the city come alive after dark with extended night flights.

The  emirate airline cable car can either be boakled from North Greenwich or  boarded on the royal Victoria side of the river. This whole tour gives you an  exciting and amazing outing.  

3. Sea Life London Aquarium  

This is an amazing aquarium located on the south bank area of London under  the shadow of the London eye. The sea life London aquarium houses one of  Europe largest collections of global marine life. Some of the stars of the  aquarium includes, the green turtles, the zebra shark and clown fish. As a  tourist and visitor to the sea life London aquarium, informative graphics and  vibrant theming having been added to its collections for you to explore.  This is one of the 10 best things to do in London 

4. Shoreditch  

Shoreditch is an amazing place that every tourist should desire to visit it is  the creature hub of the area, it has some of the best street arts in London.  The east end of Shoreditch is like a living art gallery, this simply mean that  you can take a couple of hours just to explore the numerous mazing and  fantastic street art works present there.Streets like Rirington street has an original Banksy, the Shoreditch High  street also has a sculptured face of Gregos arts it is always an amazing  experience touring the city of Shoreditch.  

5. Kidzania London


Kidzania London is a fun and recreational centre for children with the age  range of 4 to 14 years it is also known as a child size city where fun and  education combines by way of immersive role play. Some of the amazing  and fun activities your kinds will enjoy at the kidzania includes getting new  skills they never had, they can as well bring their favourite pokemon to life  with stop motion animation at the Amination studio.

However, there is more  to Kidzania than just the fun and educational which you kids can enjoy. The  city also has its own economy and currency which is called the kidzos’ which  the kids engage with in other to help them learn about the economy in the  real world.  


6. Buckingham Palace  

The Buckingham palace is generally recognised as the home and residence  of the great queen. Queen Victoria who was the first sovereign to live in the  Buckingham palace in 1837. Buckingham palace has about 350 types of wild  flowers, and over 200 trees and a three-acre lake. Buckingham palace has  about 775 rooms, 52 royal and guest bedroom 188 staff bedrooms 92 offices  and 78 bathrooms making a total number 775 rooms.  

The Buckingham palace is often a focal point for significant national  celebrations and commemorations.  

7. The London Eye  

It is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe, it was designed by a couple named  Julia Barfield and David mark Bar field, both of them were Architects. The  London eye tour takes approximately 30 minutes, a ride on the London eye,  gives you an amazing view of the capital and its most well known sights.

The  London eye has 32 capsules, each to represent London’s 32 boroughs. This is one of the 10 best and fun things to do in London. A visit  to the London eye is worth doing especially if you are travelling with children  or those who enjoy seeing the sights from a great height.

8. Hyde park 

 There are so many amazing things to see and get to do at the hyde park.  The hyde park has a fantastic and amazing children’s play area, large bodies  of water and so many inspiring monuments. Around the Kensington Hotel is an amazing place to enjoy the park for a morning walk. Also, there is a vast  body of recreational water right at the very heart of the Hyde park where  you can sail upon in a boat.

The Hyde park has an amazing number of  monuments, it can literally take a whole day to find all the movements in the  park.  Some of the monuments includes Diana, princess of wales memorial  fountain, boy and dolphin fountain, Achilles, cavalry memorial and lots more  tour at the Hyde park is definitely an amazing experience.


9. Hampstead Heath  

Hampstead heath is one of London’s top tourist attractions, it is a very huge  green space in London. The bathing ponds in Hampstead health is one of  the most fantastic place to cool down on a balmy summer day. Hampstead  Heath is also a play ground for Hiking, picnic and also offers you some amazing scenic photo opportunities and some of the fantastic views of  London.

You also get an opportunity of exploring the hill garden and pergola  which has an amazing architecture. Hill garden and pergola is located on the  north west section of the Hampstead heath park. Keats house, is another  amazing place to explore, it is the former home of John Keats the great  British poet. This is one of the 10 best and fun things to do in London 

10. Madame Tussands  

Madame tussauds is arguably the most well known and the most respected  museum in London it contains some amazing life like wax work figures of  Somamy celebrities and alter famous people in the world. Which includes  the likes of Kanye West Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Mohammad Ali, Rafael  Nadal, Mo Fara, Rihanna, Usain Bolt and so many other celebrities.

The  museum also gives you an opportunity of taking a photo next to life size  replaces of queen Elizabeth II, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and  Prince Harry.  This is one of the 10 best  and fun things to do in London 

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