December 6, 2022

5 Best And Fun Things To Do In Tokyo

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Tokyo is one of the worlds most amazing destinations for tourists around the  world as it has some amazing places like Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Tokyo Tower, Nezu Museum, Kabukiza theatre, Ueno Park, are adventurous  and film places you wouldn’t want to miss.  

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

This is a beautiful walk through garden, the trees, birds, flowers showcase,  ponds and benches throughout the park makes time spent here to be so  serene and relaxing. If you are looking for a place to eat and do sightseeing,  you’ve come to the right place, it is a family friendly place, the  Chreeyblossoms are so surreal.

The Gyoen national garden is absolutely  beautiful with different areas, decors and ambiance. It is located in the  centre of Tokyo right after the New York Style shopping buildings this garden  will immerge you in the Zen atmosphere.

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The garden is also so luge that you  don’t see the city once you are in. the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is  argueably the most beautiful garden in Tokyo. The experience you get from  this garden is something you can’t forget in a hurry.  

Tokyo Tower


This a 333 meter (1,029) high tower which was the country’s tallest structure  before Tokyo sky tree surpassed it in 2010. The Tokyo Tower is divided into  three districts which is located at the base of the tower and as well has  restaurants and cafes.

The second district is the main Deck which is located  about 150 meters up which gives you some amazed and beautiful views of  its environs when you look down through the look-down windows. The Top  Desk which is the third district of the Tokyo Tower is about 250 meter in the  sky. It is one its kind.  

Nezu Museum


Anyone visiting the Nezu Museum must be thrilled by its stunning  architecture, the amazing art collection and the landscape garden it  possesses. The Nezu Museum is one of the most outstanding museums in  Tokyo.

The museum has about six (6) exhibit halls in total. Basically, halls 3  and halls 4 respectively are permanent halls for exhibitions of Buddhist art,  while the others are for other displaces.

Meanwhile, an amazing way of  wrapping up your visit and stay at the Nezu Museum is by having lunch at  the Nezu Café.  

Kabukiza Theatre

Kabukiza theatre is one the most popular traditional arts in Japan generally  it is actually a multi-faceted theatre performance that traces its origin back  to the sixteenth and seventeenth continues “Kabuki” is a word derived from  Kabuku which is an old Japanese verb for “tilt”.

The elaborate costumes  and full-face make ups (Kamadori) done by the actors are some of the things  that makes the theatre unique and stand out. The Kanbuki performances are  held most days of the month at Kabukiza.

While full length shows are divided  into day and evening sessions respectively, giving the spectators and tourists  an amazing experience at the theatre.  

Ueno Park

The list of amazing and fun things to do in Ueno Park is long and literally  inexhaustible some of which includes the Ueno zoo which happens to be the  host of some amazing museums too.

The avenue of cherry blossom tress  along the main path of Ueno Park is famous across Japan the National  Museum of Western Art, which has the best collection of its kind in Japan  which as well houses amazing exhibitions of masterworks from Europe and  North America’s finest Museums.  

The Ueno Park houses over 2,500 animals of about 350 different species.  The Ueno zoo happens to be the oldest zoo in Japan thereby giving you so  many historic experiences.

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