December 6, 2022

Travelling tips for vegans

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Travelling can be fun and exciting, but it’s also an adventure that can be stressful and challenging. There’s a lot to think about – from the packing list to the dining choices and everything in between. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian and are planning to travel, here are some useful tips to help you plan your trip and get the most out of it.

Traveling tips for vegans

Travelling tips for vegans

Learn The Most Important Phrases

“We always make sure that we know how to ask the crucial questions when getting ready for a trip, whether it’s short or long term. Does that contain meat, lard, or eggs? The phrases we have on our iPad are always incredibly helpful. We also let people know that we have allergies to eggs or butter when we order a simple vegetarian dish because we know that occasionally, people will add a dab of butter.

Join Online Groups to Locate Local Vegans

Vegan groups are fantastic if you want to meet vegans from all over the world, have delicious vegan meals, get together for drinks, and/or become involved with animal activism.

Veganism Made Simple for Street Vendors

“Whenever I visit South East Asia’s street food vendors, I keep a tiny bottle of soy sauce in my handbag. I can then offer the vendors an alternative to the common fish sauce that they might not have on hand. Otherwise, I regularly visit the farmer’s market and always have a tiny cutting board and knife in my backpack.

When I travel, I eat a lot more vegan raw food, and it feels wonderful! I frequently eat a large salad for lunch and a mountain of fruit for breakfast.

Bring vegan snacks with you.

When traveling, bring a large ziplock bag of vegan snacks with you. You can take a bag full of cliff bars, chocolate, and ginger chews with you while traveling just in case you get a sweet tooth.

Be Aware of Your Accommodation

I usually check with the management or customer service team of a hotel or hostel before making an online reservation to see if they are vegan-friendly. Due to the delay between my initial contact and their response, this typically takes a day or more to complete, so it’s important to complete this step of preparation at least a few days beforehand.

Some hotels and hostels now offer vegan breakfast alternatives, while others will only offer a carton of soy milk. However, in general, if a place we book doesn’t often cater to vegans, they will make the effort to offer at least the milk, if not a larger spread.

Remember that you might be the first vegan they’ve encountered, so be careful what you say and what you do if your chosen bed for the night does not offer vegan-friendly food or vegan bed linens. Instead of being too quick to criticize the next vegans who decide to book with them, try your best to educate them and assist them in getting ready for them.

For instance, we once slept in a room at a design hostel that had cow horns hanging on the wall. We may have been a little annoyed about it, but instead, we brought it up to the management because it is obvious that they had no idea that it might anger vegans. They can now make changes as a result.

Don’t be afraid to ask whether you can store things like your own milk substitute in their fridge throughout your stay if your lodging is unable to accommodate your needs for a vegan breakfast.

Utilizing CouchSurfing, stay and eat with local vegans

Another vegan-friendly lodging choice is Couchsurfing. Many hosts and surfers will mention their dietary restrictions, so you may use “vegan” as a keyword and filter the results when looking for hosts in a given city. In my experience, vegetarians are typically eager to connect with others who share their views and exchange recipes. A thoughtful gesture would be to offer to prepare a vegan supper for your host.

Pack eco-friendly cosmetics in case they’re difficult to find.

One of the best pieces of advice we received before embarking on our own nomadic travels was to stock up on shampoo, soap, and other toiletries once we arrived at our destination because they are just as simple to find there as they would be at home, plus it will save some weight and space in your luggage. However, this is not always the case for vegan travelers.

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Finding vegan cosmetics is arguably one of the more difficult challenges when traveling, but in some nations, like Germany, it is becoming simpler to find vegan products in regular supermarkets. Additionally, there are an increasing number of international vegan-friendly cosmetics companies, such as Lush.

Packing a few necessities in your checked luggage before you leave home is by far the wisest move.

Send an email to the neighborhood tourism organization

Spend some time emailing the local tourism board about your wish to find vegan restaurants and stores before your trip. ask if they happened to have a list of viable possibilities that they might go over and plan to visit.

Discover 100% Vegan Accommodation

Traveling as a vegan can be made much easier with vegan-friendly lodging. Even though there aren’t many vegan-friendly hostels and guesthouses, There is serval website where you can find one. Since it’s polite not to prepare meat or fish at these hostels, vegetarians and vegans may find the shared kitchens more welcoming.